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 School of Finance inherited the history of financial talents cultivation of original Jiangsu Bank School, Nanjing Financial College, and original Nanjing Institute of Finance and Trade. The financial talents cultivation of Jiangsu Bank School and Nanjing Financial College can be traced back to Northern Jiangsu Bank School of People’s Bank of China in 1951. The financial talents cultivation of Nanjing Institute of Finance and Trade can be traced back to 1985. In 2002, Nanjing Financial College merged into our school, on the basis of original Department of Finance, we formed a new Department of Finance. In 2005, on the basis of Department of Finance, we formed School of Finance. Since 1985, the deans are Xiao Chengling, Yi Hongren (honorary Chairman, and former vice President), Zhang Youzhi, Jiang Daming, Liu Zhiyou, Wang Zujie, Zhang Wei, Jiang Zhifen, LuYajuan respectively. The Secretary of the general branch are Zhang Guanming, Yan Baoshun, Jiang Zhifen, LuYajuan respectively. 

We have 15 professors, 25 associate professors, and 40 teachers who have Ph.D, forming the academic leaders on the basis of Jiang famous teachers, Jiangsu distinguished professors, Jiangsu “Double Innovation Plan”, the Ministry of Education “New Century Talents”, Jiangsu “ Six Talent Peaks”, and Jiangsu “ Qin-Lan Project”. We also formed the outstanding teaching and research team on the basis of teachers having Ph.D, which is the only Jiangsu Financial discipline “Qin-Lan Project” outstanding discipline echelon. Besides that, we also introduced 5 research backbones with overseas scientific background from the United States, Australia, and Japan, in order to understand academic frontiers and grasp the discipline development trend.

School of Finance provides master’s degree program in finance (academic and professional). Finance discipline is the key discipline of Jiangsu Province. Financial risk management research center is the key research base of Universities’ philosophy and social science in Jiangsu Province. Regional finance innovative research team is Jiangsu “Qin-Lan Project” outstanding scientific innovation team. Applied financial talents cultivation innovative experiment base is the provincial higher education talents cultivation innovative experiment base. Jiangsu sci-tech finance innovation research base is the Universities’ humanities and social science research base in Jiangsu Province. Now, we formed a connected, advantage prominent, and distinctive five undergraduate programs, namely finance (including concentration on international finance), investment, insurance, credit management, and financial engineering. We have more than 2,000 students. Finance is the construction points of feature specialty and the comprehensive reform pilot program of the ministry of education. Finance core curriculum teaching team is the Jiangsu higher education outstanding teaching team. Finance is the key specialty of Jiangsu University “12th Five-Year”, and the first phase of Jiangsu brand specialty project.

School of Finance has excellent teaching and research conditions. School has a unique professional museum——Money Museum in east China, Jiangsu provincial experimental teaching demonstration center——financial laboratory, as well as the feature preponderant discipline lab——insurance and credit management lab, constructed by central and local government. Nanjing Audit University—MinSheng Bank Nanjing branch economics education practice base is the national off-campus practice base. Relying on the industry resources of National Audit Office and People’s Bank of China, we are committed to studying on financial risk management, industry and technology finance, and finance audit and finance regulation, and try to make a contribution to the financial talents cultivation and local financial and economic development. School of Finance is called “Jiangsu Finance HuangPu”.

Under the school education philosophy “Feature, Quality, and Internationalization”, School of Finance is actively exploring the international education mode, on the basis of exploration of undergraduate and graduate talents cultivation model reform. Now, we have already set up finance major concentration on international finance, and established the cooperation mode of talents cultivation with the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries and regions.

The average employment rate is above 97% and about 70% students are employed in Finance industry, among them, 60% are employed in Industrial and Commercial Bank, Minsheng Bank, Standard Charted Bank and so on. The employment of our graduates is stable, high level, high-satisfaction from employersand good social evaluation. According to the 《Jiangsu Province College Graduates Employment, Warning and Key Industries Talents Supply 2015 Annual Report》jointly launched by Education Department of Jiangsu Province and MyCos, the employment rate, recommendation index of alma mater, competitiveness index of our financial graduates rank top of same discipline in Jiangsu “non-211-project” Universities.

During the period of “13th Five-Year”, according the needs of talents cultivation, we will further enhance the level of education, and try to build it as a unique feature, Jiangsu first-class, domestic and foreign well-known high level preponderant discipline.